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A Ghost That Follows Me

by Blacks&



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UK/Euro Label: Hey Moon
UK/Euro PR: Toast Press

"Blacks& dispenses warm, minimalist pop with a touch of tropical funk and a dusting of romanticism." - Kevin Bronson,

"We really like them." - Paul Lester,


released October 22, 2012

Vox/Guitar - Justin Taylor
Bass/Percussion/Keys/Vox - Donald Eley
Guitar/Vox - Craig "Tiger" Smith

Recorded and Produced by Donald Eley
Mastered by Johnny Fiasco



all rights reserved


Blacks& Los Angeles, California

Blacks& started as a late night living room recording project, fueled by whiskey and head-nods in the summer of 2011. While Donald Eley and Tiger passed instruments back and forth, vagabond (and spiritual guide) Jutty Shark gave the tracks a Midas sheen. The group has rounded out its rhythm section by bringing on Jutty's childhood friend Jules Bellin. ... more

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Track Name: The Race Is On
You can't afford my love
It's on fire
I don't give it away

Hung my love to be
From the hollow tree
So she'll always be
A ghost that follows me
Follow me?

It's my way or the highway
Or the freeway
It's up to you babe
I don't want to lead you on
Like "I'm the moon" and
"You're the sun"
Won't chase it if you run
I'm not the one
Cause I've been to Cairo
I've been to Skid Row
I've chased a diamond
Down a rabbit hole
This blank expression
Is all that's left
And it keeps me searching
with a Heart of Coal

The Race is On

You run to me
I run from you
Baby girl,
It's the least that I could do

If anything becomes of me
If anyone still cares about
If anywhere my love still grows
Then it will be for no one special
Someone nobody knows
I could be your "any other way"
Let you have me every other day
Eating what it throws away
Let's chase the feeling
Til it goes away
I know the way
Track Name: What They Think
Can you make it a-ok
Can you take it, take it away

Rubbing my face and wiping my eyes
is the closest I get to looking back
I could love you
I could love with everything I have
Never look away from your perfect diamond eyes
Never a wish to colonise
Or convert your people
Just drink wine with me
And stare up at the moon
Until we are blind and dull and dumb
My temple touches your cheek
Begging you to understand
What I've been through
So I don't have to tell you
And we can just continue
Makes me wanna burn every book I've ever read
Makes me wanna seal my ears and never hear those song again
The songs that keep me awake
With my eyes closed
I can still see you walking in and out my life, my lives
I know what they all think and I don't care
Track Name: Tonight
We got our start on books and stone
Then we came apart
And left our bones

Everytime I come it feels alright
Something evil calls my name
I can't say no
It feels kinda nice
When the morning comes and kills the light
Something evil calls my name
I won't face those
Demons tonight

I can't stand to feel it for anybody else
My feet are on the floor
My fingers to the sky
I know the greatest feeling
For somebody else
Rings hollow in my soul

17 ammunition
Getting clean opposition